hi Folks

I had intended on my updates being weekly but that plan hasn’t worked out!  Sitting here watching the Jubilee concert and Cliff Richard just came on, so hey presto – time to blog!!! he’s not bad actually!

So firstly, how is motivation going for me?  So far so good!!! Me likey :-)   I’ve done 5 weeks and I’m down 13 pounds already – so only 15 more to go, but I suspect these will be a tough 15.  So the diet is strict enough and it does require will power.  I have cheated a few times, so I think it I were a little more religious about it I’d have lost more.  but hey, I’m really happy with what I’ve done so far.  Aiming to get another 6 or 7 pounds off before my birthday!  The program I’m on involves a normal breakfast, protein snack, regular light lunch, protein snack and dinner int he evening.  The toughest bit is that I can only have two small portions of carbs a day so I’m keeping them for breakfast and dinner.  I load up on veggies during the day and the protein snacks are great for filling me up.  Like I said, I have been cheating so I’d say others have better success than me in the first 5 weeks!

As for the running, I’m not doing to bad either.  I got my 5K docklands done in 31mins 19 seconds, which was deadly.  I did the mini marathon today but the time wasn’t great as I was mostly walking with a friend of mine so it was 85 minutes about.  Next race is the docklands 8K on June 19th.  Bring it on.

Besides all of this we have the big move to Clare coming up in a few weeks – eeeekkkkk!!!! So lots of packing / cleaning and panicking to do in the next few weeks – in addition to the slimming and running.  le sigh!